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Lesbian tantric massage

Hello! Are you feeling too much stress lately? You have to finish those reports by the end of the week and your boss is pressuring you? How about taking a 30 minutes of eros exotica break? You should definitely chill a little bit and we have just discovered a nice relaxing place that you should know about! When the brunette babe came over she had no idea that she was going to have a lesbian experience! As she enjoyed new things she didn’t mind and the other chick kept going! See another lesbian encounter right here!

When this hot chick came over she was asked to get butt-naked and she was a thinking a little bit but she took all her clothes off! Then this babe came over and started to oil her up and massage her, exactly like this guy this to this blonde babe! Then she get to her pussy and started to rub her while she has already got closer and  shoved two fingers into it! The other babe kept fingering it while she was now licking that cunt up until the brunette honey had a very intense orgasm! Would you like to see this entire sex scene? Join our community and enjoy it!


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Exotic tantric sex

Hi there! Are you sick of all that hardcore sex? Is there too much monotony in your life? How about trying something different? Cause you could choose to have today a sensual and erotic moment with your lover just how this guys have! Not only they enjoyed this entire sexual intercourse but they also got some very intense moments that made them cum in the very same time! How about surprising your lover? Let’s have a look at what these two have done!

When this babe accepted to meet this guy she had no idea that at the end of the week she was going to have sensual sex with him! As soon as she got to his place, this dude started to kiss and touch her while there was some relaxing music one! All he wanted was to stuff her pussy with his hard dick but this guy loves different positions so he kept changing them up until he filled her pussy hole with creamy loads of jizz! Have a look at this romantic moment ! You will definitely enjoy this eros exotica update! Enjoy!


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Amazing cock massage update

Hi there fellas! Are you feeling too stressed lately? How about a good handjob performed by a professional? Would it make any difference? Here at eros exotica we like doing things slowly so that our guys have the chance to fully enjoy the deepest and the most intense sexual pleasures? Would you give it a try? Imagine how would you feel taking an orgasmic break far away from the city routine! This guy got all oiled up and this babe came to massage his fat cock!

Well, he had no idea that we was gonna feel such an intense pleasure when he called to come over to this hot babe! But this nasty chick knew she was gonna make him want to come back every single day! As this dude came over he was invited to have a seat on the table and to close his eyes! The hot blonde chick came and started to touch and this his tool and after that she started to jerk him off slowly at the beginning and then faster and faster up until this guy released all that sticky jizz! How about seeing more? Check out now this entire scene!


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Amazing interracial sex

How do you like our eros exotic sex scenes so far? We have an amazing interracial scene featuring a busty hot Asian babe and a muscular well built black guy with a big cock that he likes to show off. It was amazing shooting this scene and we had so much fun watching the in action.

She is a massage therapist and he comes to her for a massage after he gets his back injured at the gym. She starts pouring oil on his body and starts working her hands on his muscular body. She sees how sexy ass he has and can’t help herself and moves her down on his back until she reaches his sexy bum and starts massaging it. He turns around exposing his big hard cock and starts playing with her sexy big boobs. He lays her down on the massage table and she spreads her legs for him. He shoves his big hard cock in her wet pussy and starts fucking her nice and slow making her moan in pleasure.


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All Pleasure

Hi there guys and gals. As always we have a brand new erosexotica com scene to show off but this one is a special update because is our last video for this week. You don’t need to be sad because we are planning to bring you more videos in the future and we will be back in a very short time with new updates for you all to enjoy. If you haven’t seen all of our videos for this week, we invite you to scroll down the page and to take your time enjoying them. We guarantee that you will find something to your liking, you just to scroll up and down the page and surely you will find something to take your attention.  We hope that you will find this last update peppered with enough salt and pepper. Let’s watch a sexy and hot new little hottie as she gets to take her time with this lucky guy this afternoon and you’ll get to see her working his cock on video all night long. Take a look at this babe offering an amazing blowjob.

The cameras start to roll and you can see her with her skillful hands as she starts rubbing his hard cock. And because she really wants to make him feel good she uses her big tits too until he almost blow his load all over that pretty face. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more updates next week!




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Eros Erotic Massage

We know that you ladies and gents like to see eros erotic videos, so we bring a brand new update for you all to enjoy. Today you get to see a lovely couple taking their time to play with each other while she receives a wonderful massage session from her boyfriend. We get to have another lovely babe receiving her best massage session from this lucky guy today and we’re sure that you will agree when we say that she’s smoking hot. This guy knows how lucky he truly is to have such a hot girlfriend, so he decided to make her a surprise. See this couple making passionately love.

As the cameras start to roll you can see him asking her to lay down while he puts on some sensual music and starts rubbing his hands with oil. When she removes her sexy clothes and shows off that simply incredible body of hers, you will see how lucky he truly is to have such and amazing looking girlfriend. After a very long massage in the right places, she wants his hard cock inside her, to feel full and content.  See them fucking in a very sensual way and we are sure that the air in your room is going to be slightly elevated after their scene is done. Be prepared for a very hot video filled with lust. Enjoy it and take your time. Be sure to check our last update for this week too. Bye!



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Eros Pleasure is back and we have to for you a sexy and beautiful sexy blonde who will get to play kinky on camera today with her boyfriend and all of this just for your viewing pleasure. These two will give you a scene that you are not going to forget about very soon. Everything is hot when it comes to their scene.  You will see that they even have a mirror and believe us when we tell you that is going to be hot to the boot and things are going to be taken to another level of nastiness. She has something special prepared just for you and her boyfriend and if you want to see the hidden ace that she has on her sleeve you must watch this video until the end. We are sure that you’ll like and appreciate it. Enjoy this couple making tantric love. 

The eros exotica video starts with her caressing every inch of that delicious body of hers just to make her companion feel good. Her fingers start to rub slowly her clit and her moans will be like music to your ears. Afterward, she puts her juicy and big lips around his junk and starts to suck slowly, teasing him even more. She licks every inch of his cock, making him moan in pleasure and asking for more. Enjoy this video and be sure to watch it until the end because these two will have a grand finally. See you soon!

Watch here this couple making tantric love!

Eros Exotic

Welcome to eros exotic, the place where your most hidden dreams can come to life. Today we are back with a special update that you will not want to miss it. It’s not your usual video, so do take your time and make yourself comfortable to enjoy it until the end because we are sure that is going to become one of your all-time favorite. Things are going to be pretty mixed up a bit every now and then, but it’s going to be really hot and wet in there. Let’s watch this hot and sexy brunette babe receiving a very hot and wet massage from her companion. See this hot brunette getting pleased. 

As the cameras start to roll you can see that she is treated like a princess. He starts off by using his own body covered in oil pressed against her and be sure that she loves the feeling. Soon his hard cock will tease her wet and sweet entry, making her moaning in pleasure and begging him to fuck her hard. Our girl is very aroused and she wants some cock inside that wet pussy, but first she must receive her massage. He knows what he is going and you can tell that by all the moans that our babe let escape her mouth. This is not your average massage and if you want to see why, watch this video until the end of if. Stay tuned and see you soon!


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Sexual Nirvana

Eros erotica is back with another juicy blowjob that will make all your fantasies come to life. As you are used by now, our girls are professionals when it comes to sucking big dicks and you will see lots of deep throating today.  We bring in front of you a very interesting babe and you will see why she is so mysterious. Her naughtiness and kinkiness can not be compared. You just have to watch this brand new blowjob that we prepared if you want to see this lovely and sexy babe giving her companion the best of her. We guarantee that you are going to be fully satisfied by the end of this eros exotica video. Take your time to really enjoy and we invite you to see this hot brunette offering an amazing blowjob.

Her companion is laying in bed, relaxing while she gives him a foot massage. She slowly works her way up until she reaches his scrotum and she starts massaging it too. See her kneeling before him and just at the sight of that this guy get all excited and hard because he can only imagine what it’s about to happen next. First she puts her hands to work on that cock and the guy starts moaning and begging for more. She will start by licking his balls and going up, slowly because she wants him to really enjoy her skills. Take your time with this video and see you next time!



See this hot brunette offering an amazing blowjob!