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For this update, we have some nice erosexotica surprises in store for you. You guys asked and we listened. And for today we expose to you the almighty gallery of the Kama Sutra sexual positions. And since this was required so much we got our couple here to demonstrate some of the most used poses. And the proper way to do them! Wow, there are so many amazing scenes here that you are going to get fired in just a few moments. These two will have such a sensual ambiance over there that it will turn you on from the very beginning.

Have a look at them and see how they will start enjoying each other and see how eager they are to explore their bodies, closing their eyes so they could enjoy even more that massage that they are getting. Have a look at them and see how they are going to amaze each other, with their bodies and with their naughty hands. Enjoy and get ready for more, cause this is an exclusive post and there are lots of incredible things that you are going to see over here. Just like the chicks from the site, this gorgeous lady adores getting fucked by big fat cocks! Enjoy each scene!


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Exotic positions

Today we aim to please and teach you guys and girls out there some positions that will surely spice up the mood in bed. Watch as the couple here explores every one of these sexual positions and you can see for yourself just how much pleasure the girl and the guy achieve in this very sexy and hot eros exotica gallery. Enjoy!

When this cute blonde chick with her very big and natural tits, met this guy she has no idea that she is gonna have such a quality time together with him! As this guy pleased her so well, by penetrating her so deeply she kept asking for more and more up until she came continuously! It was the first time when this chick had multiple orgasms, exactly like this other chick had on top of the guy’s cock! And she started to like this guy as he made a very nice atmosphere each and every single time and the sex was very intense! You should try it yourself!


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Eros Exotica – Artistic blowjob

We always bring you the best sexual experiences caught on camera and film. And for our debut we have this sexy and hot brunette as she give one of the best hand job and blowjob that you will ever see. She proves that she’s got the experience and the skills to pleasure every man that gets lucky enough to have her for the night.

As this babe has discovered the most hidden eros exotica secrets of tantric sex she thought she would put in practice all that she has seen! So as soon as she found the right guy this babe pulled his pants down and took that fat cock into her hands. After she laid down she started touching this guy’s cock and teasing that fat tool up until shoving it into her mouth! Have a look at this entire scene and let’s discover together the deepest secrets of the ancient gods that make you cum in such a way that you explode! Enjoy!


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Wet pussy getting pleasured

Hey there pals! Are you back for some more material? We have much more hot babes waiting to be spoiled by your firm hands so how about having a look at these gorgeous models? Today’s babe is giving us from the start a very nice close up of her wet pussy! This stunning babe is such a lucky chick as the guy she met no only gave her a full body massage but also rubbed and licked her very eager pussy up until she reached a very deep and intense climax!

This babe met a very interesting guy that had a different way of seeing things and that is why this babe got so in love with this dude and ended up in bed with him! But this chick had no idea that she is gonna get all that pleasure from this guy’s hands! Cause even from the start this guy started to touch and kiss her entire body , then he took the oiled and treat her with a fantastic massage until he got the oral sex part! Cause when she came this babe squirted all over the place! Just watch this amazing sex scene! Enjoy!


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Sexy babe getting pleasured

Hi guys and ladies! We are back with some new funky fresh eros exotica updates! Today’s post is for you ladies! How about getting all your body massaged today by your hot boyfriend? And this is not all! Cause this babe is gonna get all that hot smoking body kissed and licked and then rubbed by this horny guy! What a pleasant surprise for her, as this guy not only made a pleasant atmosphere and lighted up some candles but also made this babe come in no time only buy licking and rubbing her wet clit!

As soon as this babe got the chance to finish very intensely, this guy sat down and it was his turn to be spoiled! So this babe took some oil and started from the upper part of his body by kissing him and then oiling him up and massaging him until she got to this dude’s penis! This chick did a hell of the handjob with all that oil as this babe made jizz fly out from his cock all over the place! Just watch this amazing erotic scene! Enjoy it fellas!


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Boob and pussy massage

Welcome back guys! Are you back for more sensual erosexotica sex? It seems like these guys have much more that they would like to show to us! So if you wanna learn some more tantra techniques you are more than welcome to stay close and to watch the entire sex scene! This babe came to this spa center to have relaxing day but she had no idea that is gonna get also pleased! Let’s see what happened there!

As she day a day off this stunning babe thought it was about time she would have a day all by herself so she went to the spa center! As this chick got there she asked for a full body massage! So as she was lying on the table she was so surprised as the masseur came and asked her to take her towel off and he started to rub her entire body with oil including her natural firm boobs and her very wet pussy! This babe got her pussy so good rubbed that she was so fired up and he asked this guy to give her his cock so she could return his favor! So she did and right before making him cum he got on top of this guy’s fat tool and jumped on it faster and faster until this guy filled her peach with all that creamy jizz! You should definitely enjoy this scene! Just watch it!


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Hardcore erotic sex

Hi guys! We were waiting for you! It is time for some more erosexotica action so come closer and you will have the chance to watch everything from nearby! Today we have an Indian babe that is gonna get pleased by this fellow! Of course she is gonna help him too to get the climax he wanted! So in this hot update we are gonna see these guys having an erotic sex and ending in a very hardcore way that implies a lot of hard fucking and cum all over the place!

This stunning babe had anything else in mind when she invited this guy to her place for a coffee! But things changed quickly and they ended up in her bed and as soon as he has eaten her pussy this dude wanted just to stuff his hard tool into this babe’s tight pussy! So he did! If in the beginning they had a very soft sex in the end they kept changing positions until this guy pulled his cock out and climaxed all over her hot body! Check out now this mixed up sex scene and you should also enjoy it!


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Exotic handjob

Welcome back! We were waiting for you to come back! Let me put you up to date! We have just brought some new eros exotica material today that you should have a look at! Today you are going to have a look at one guy that went to have an erotic massage from a professional and this babe not only gave his a hot naked massage with her boobs but also gave him a hand job that he will forever remember, just like this other hot babe! Let’s take a peek at what happened there!

This guy was feeling so tired from all that daily stress that he felt lately and though it was about time to take an orgasmic break at this erotic massage center! So he took down all his clothes and waited for this hot chick to come in and make him relax! As soon as this babe had the chance to lay his hands on this guy’s fat dick he spoiled it like no other and he got his nuts emptied in no time! Do you wanna some more hot scenes? Join our community for more!


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Erotic full body massage

Welcome guys! We were expecting for you as we have got a brand new erosexotica gallery that you should have a look at!This weird babe had some very weird methods to make this guy’s cock so hard that was so ready to penetrate her cunt! As soon as this guy came over she asked him to bend over and she got on top of him and started to rub her tits and her whole body against him! This hot chick knew what she was doing as this guy’s dick was up and ready in no time! So their passed to the next level!

As this guy got up, he asked this chick to bend over and he started to massage her holes , first of all her pussy hole and her ass hole! This guy licked them both and lubed them all up right before stuffing them! The first one was that tight pussy hole that made this babe scream out of pleasure and then he shoved his huge tool into this babe’s ass just for cumming and filling it! If you are interested in seeing more from where this came from join our community! Until then, enjoy and also click here for another video!


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Passionate sex

Welcome fellas! Are you done with all that hardcore movies? Are you sick of all that fast sex? We have got a whole new sex level that we just wanna show it to you! Cause this guys are so into tantric sex! They do not enjoy only the fact they are getting laid but they like doing it with their eyes closed so that they are gonna enjoy it more deeply and intense! Let’s see how these two are handling this erosexotica sex situation!

This fellow wanted to make a surprise to his girlfriend as they were gonna have sex for the first time so he prepared the room for what was about to follow! As soon as they were both ready he asked her to close her eyes and to get on top of his huge tool, as this nasty babe also did! The babe listened to him and started to move in the rhythm of the music while this guy was touching her boobs! It was really a more relaxing and a more intense experience and this kind of sex made them cum in the very same time! After this guy filled this babe’s peach with his seed , he asked her to bend over as he was gonna lick that fine pussy from behind! Are you curious to know what happened next? Join our community and you will find out! Enjoy this hot scene!


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