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See this skilled couple making tantric love in many sensual positions!

Eros Exotica Tantra Massage

Check out these hot babes feeling one another and making themselves feel good and hot, in this latest eros exotica tantra. She gets all covered in oil body and then gets a full body massage, getting her boobs rubbed and her nipples getting harder and harder. As her friend is moving towards her pussy, she gets all wet and moisture, and she loves to feel her boobs and fingers tickling and touching her sexy parts. Have a look at erosexotica free pics and see for yourself what two horny sexy lesbi can do.



See these horny lesbians experiencing powerful orgasms!

Eros Exotica – Sensual positions

Eros exotica is back again with another … tutorial you could say in this awesome update. This brunette and her boyfriend demonstrate some very new and exciting sex positions for couples to explore the next time they go to bed, if they want to explore new ways of satisfying their partner. Until next time we hope you enjoy!


 See this hot couple trying out different sensual positions!

The Lingam Massage

Today eros exotica brings you the famed Lingam Massage. You may have heard of it before and in today’s update we’ll show you girls how to perform this on your boyfriend. You might say it’s “oh it’s just a hand job” but you couldn’t be more wrong as it’s purpose is to excite the guy to his limits. We hope you enjoyed!


 Watch her giving a penis massage until he cums!

Eros Exotica – The Blow Job Master

Eros exotica is back again with some more tips and tricks for the girls this time. In this one you will be shown how to properly do a oral or rather blowjob. This sexy and hot blonde demonstrates the proper technique to suck off your boyfriend in order for him to achieve maximum pleasure. We hope you girls will take notes!


 Enjoy watching her giving an amazing blowjob!

The Art of Handjob

In the streak of eros exotica tutorial videos today our female protagonist shows the methods and intricacies to performing a hand job on your mate. This technique will get him hard in a matter of seconds guaranteed, but don’t overdo it. As you wouldn’t want to finish him off before you get your needs satisfied too. Enjoy!


 Watch an artistic presentation of an erotic handjob!

Eros Exotica – Anal Explorations

Today eros exotica takes you on a trip of exploration. And that trip it intended to teach you couples the tips to having some great anal sex sessions if you both fantasize about having it. See this very cute couple explore the ways of having some super erotic anal sex in today’s special gallery. Until next time we’ll just leave this with you!


 Watch as they explore the beauty of anal sex!

Advanced Sexuality

Like always eros exotica brings you the most exotic and erotic positions, tips & tricks and overall sexual advice to spice up your sex life with your partner. And today we have a gallery that demonstrates new and intricate ways to make your female partner feel like she’s on cloud nine. We wish you good luck in trying the new things out!


 Watch them trying out advanced sexual techniques!

Eros Exotica – Lesbian Tantra Massage

This is another special for the girls out there that happen to be into other girls. Or bi …..You know we don’t discriminate here. So for this one we have two of our girls demonstrate a sexual and sensual massage that you can perform on another girl in order to excite her to the maximum. Enjoy watching the girls massage their oiled up bodies.


 Enjoy watching these lesbians giving each other a massage!

Sensual erotic sex

For this update eros exotica has some nice surprises in store for you. You guys asked and we listened. And for today we present to you the almighty gallery of the Kama sutra sexual positions. Since this was requested so much we got our couple here to demonstrate some of the most used poses. And the proper way to do them!


 Click and explore the Kama Sutra lessons with them!

Eros Exotica – Exotic positions

Today eros exotica aims to please and teach you guys and girls out there some positions that will surely spice up the mood in bed. Watch as the couple here explores every one of these sexual positions and you can see for yourself just how much pleasure the girl and the guy achieve in this very sexy and hot gallery. Enjoy!


 Watch as she explores a very pleasurable position!